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How to open a Ticket
Posted by [HGM]Perfektion on 11 August 2018 04:16 am

How to open a Ticket


1. Choice to what Category is your Ticket belong to.

2. Choice a Name (Real or Charname)

3. Choice a Email (this have to be a real and active Email of you)

-  You will get a System Mail with a Password that you can login with your Email and the Password to check your Tickets. Check the Spam/Junk Folder too.

4. Select the Priority of your Ticket.

- It make no difference for us, if your Ticket have the Priority Low or Critical. We answer every Ticket in the same Time (soon as it possible).

5. Subject: give us with a few Words a Info about your Problem 

- Example: "can not change email", "report of pk", "winner of event" etc.

6. Your Message: Let us know, what we can do for you. Explain your Problem for us, then it will be really easy to help fast. 

7. Attachments: uploade Screenshots if it is Important or paste a Youtube Link on the Ticket, if you want to send us a Video.

8. We answer so fast as it possible for us. At the Moment i can guarantee that we need 30 Minutes till 8 Hours to answer. Check your Mails, you will get one by the System, after we answered. 

9. Do we need more Informations of you, and ask for it, answer on the same Ticket. Please, do not open a new Ticket for this. The Support works faster and easier for you and the Team, if we have only one Ticket with the Informations.


Important Information that we definitely need


- Donate problems: We need the Transactions ID or the Completed Date also the Account-ID

- ID problems: We need the Account-ID and the Charname to solve it fast

- Video for report someone: Let us know what you report and on what Time of the Video we can see this Problem.




If your english is not that well to explain the Problem, write the Ticket in your Main-Language. If you use full Words we can use Google-Translate or another Translate-Program for support you. But please let us know, that you need support in your Language then we will do our best to answer on the same way.



Note by the Team


We will close Tickets after 2 Weeks, if we are waiting for answer of the Player. Sometimes we need more Informations and dont get them to solve the Problem. If we closed one Ticket because Time was over without answer, you can open a new one.



And at last, enjoy the Game with us :)